<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/14/94/23/76/57/180531032731.jpg?t=1552971297"><br>This 36.5 acres is one of my favorites because of it's location in Chevelon Canyon Ranch close to the entrance for easy access and close to the community well for hauling water. If you don'twant to haul water, you can drill your own well for around 20k. The small Home Owner Fee of $250.00 per year covers your water, well maintenance and the road maintenance. This is very reasonable for all you get. Country living with maintained roads is really a plus. Lot 17 or 5656 Bangus Road borders state land on one side and a huge ranch on the other side making it one of the most private lots in the area. Two sides are fenced which leaves only twofor you to do if you want to have your whole ranch fenced.<br>